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Fenian Reylan, Mayor of Falt

Fenian Reylan
Loving mayor of Falt

Fenian is the mayor of the city Falt. He has been elected mayor about 5 years ago, fenian was a rather young mayor being ellected when he was only 22 years old! Fenian is a reasonable fellow, very friendly too. The people of Falt love him for his kind judgement and always putting his people at the first place.

With the help of his loyal advisor, he rules his town, doing as he sees fit. Although

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Advisor Davin of Fenian of Falt

Advisor Davin
Trusty advisor of Fenian

Advisor Davin is the loyal advisor of the mayor, he is the hard side of the law, making the tough choices for Fenian. Davin came to the town roughly a year ago and was proven worthy when he helped solve some issues with local bandits, eversince he has been devoted to help Fenian.

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Plague doctor Valsten

Mysterious doctor

Valsten, but often called The Doctor, his last name is unknown and his background is vague. The Doctor is cloaked in long black robes with wax on them to repel any sickness, he wears a mask filled with herbs to cancel out the rotting smell as he does his work, black lenses to cover his eyes. The mask also serves as a way to conceal his face, he clearly doesnt want anyone to know what he looks like.

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The plague doctor is in town, want to see what he is up to?

Interactive story

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Good or evil, its up to you, fate is in your hands

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Will you be able to help your people or will you lead them into despair?